Sakura Sigh

Ahhh, Sakura only comes once a year. I could never understand why people would want to sit out in front of trees and look at them (the term 花見 literally means flower watching). It makes a little more sense now. You have these trees with cherry blossoms they bloom once a year for about 2 weeks or so and then there gone. There appearance is self explanatory. It is representative of the idea that life is a fleeting and beautiful thing. Makes me think of the limited amount of time I am here, and the unlimited number of things I want to do. Guess its time to start somewhere. With that I'll let the pictures do the talking.


For some reason portrait style photos will not upload properly on Blogger right now so I'm using flickr.


Anonymous said...

love the shot looking down the row.


Anonymous said...

The first shot - close up - is a work of art. I would have that framed!

Shaun said...

The sakura trees in Kansai are totally larger and more vibrant than the ones in Miyazaki. But we get them earlier, so there!

James said...

Your blog is great, I really like your writing style. So many of my friends are abroad, it's good that I can keep up with at least one! The cherry trees just blossomed in Olympia too, but I think it will only be a couple of days until they are gone... Enjoying them while they last!