And now for a long intermission

It has been a few months since I’ve last posted in the ol’ blog but its been up until recently a very busy and fast paced rollercoaster ride back in the homeland. Now the slow down has left a sizable hole needing to be filled. The problem is not finding things to fill the void but simply what to fill it with first.

There is a great bit of story telling in the past months that needs to be done but to cut down on length and to support the power of brevity here is a bulleted list of things learned and experienced in chronological order:
  • People in the states are surprisingly wider and taller then I remembered
  • Not driving a car for a year doesn’t mean you forget completely and crash randomly
  • I have a surprisingly large amount of junk I don’t feel connected to at all
  • Reverse culture shock is as real as it is invented
  • Unpacking, finding a place to live, moving, registering for classes, taking care of all finances and preparation in under half a week is possible
  • Snow in April is disorienting
  • Sounds and smells seem to spark memories more profoundly then photos
  • I do have a future in animation
  • Living without Internet for 10 weeks is doable and healthy
  • Klingon and Esperanto have some things in common
  • Riding a bike while trying to take a photo can end in epic failure
  • Linguistics is not as scary and soul crushing as the term “Universal Grammar” makes it sound
  • Learning basic programming methods makes me want to get down and dirty with syntax and some languages I’ve dropped
  • I have yet to come to terms with my grandpa dying
  • 20 years is a long time in car years
  • The greyhound bus is a great place to meet “interesting” people
  • A 21 year old bottle of wine is surprisingly good
  • your childhood neighborhood may be sprinkled with drug fairies
  • Doing things is the cure for talking about doing things
  • I can survive without a car in Olympia
  • House parties at the Finger Complex rock!!!
  • Finding a part time job is a full time job
  • Riding a bike while trying to talk on a cell phone ends in epic failure
  • In search for a job, non-profit volunteer work happen to fall in my lap easily
  • Walking is about ¼ the speed of riding your bike somewhere
  • I probably saw over $300,000 dollars worth of fireworks this 4th of July
  • Any form of role playing games are mind gratingly addictive

It goes on but that is a good chunk of my life in the past few months. In the next couple of entries I’m going to wrap up the Tokyo trip and try and get on to the everyday happenings of life. Stay tuned.