The apartment, or mansion as is it is referred to here I'm living is called College Heights. To stop from any further confusion I will refer to it as the apartment. The apartment is nicely furnished with the possessions of students past filling up space. There really isn't anything I could ask for (except maybe a cell phone, its almost as if I don't exist without one). I also noticed in the cupboards a book I've already brought. The desk I'm sitting has the aura of the students of years past. Particularly the floor underneath the desk. I can feel the frustration, idle hours, and time spent working away at this desk by the chipped away floor boards. The back and forth motion of the squeaky chair has left ruts.
grrrrrrrr must... learn... Japanese!!!!
The room, that black table is what is known as a kotatsu it has a heating unit underneath and when you put a quilt over it it keeps you warm!
A strange angle of the other side of the room (its bigger then it looks)
View from the balcony
The police station is right next door, Safe!!!!
From the front of the apartment we can see a golfing range a mall and is that a McDonald's I see?
This concludes the short and subtle tour of the apartment. It does, to some effect, feel like home already although I haven't unpacked anything yet. Off to do some more exploring.

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Anonymous said...

How big is that room? Do you have your own bathroom? Is there a kitchen? Are you out of granola bars?